Paid Features

We receive a large number visitors every day but we have many more companies listed which could be receiving visitors. In segments with many competing companies we frequently see visits distributed among many different companies. This dilutes the potential for purchases from a specific company. A good way to guarantee that these visitors see your company and its benefits to them is to use features.

We now have two distinct types of features: detail page features and the search results page features. The detail page is a company's individual specific page. The search results page is the page containing a list of companies pertaining to the search done either with the search box in the upper right hand corner of every page or when a visitor clicks on tags to begin or to refine searches.

Some features are free of charge for not for profit entities.

Detail Page

There is a detail page for every company listed on the site.

Visitors can arrive at this page in many different ways: doing an external search (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Live Search), by clicking on the result of an internal search, by clicking on a link sent by email, etc. It is most important that when a visitor reaches your company's detail page, he/she finds the information desired and presented in an organized and attractive format. We offer the following resources to do this, (mouse over each of the letters highlighted in red to see the description of each field).

Description ($6.00 / month). A few paragraphs of text describing the company, products, services, hours etc.
Logo ($2.00 / month). Maximum size is 320 x 70 pixels.

We also offer a photo gallery which can include pictures of the company, its products, menus, promotional flyers, etc. This is ideal to quickly show a company portfolio, run a promotion, offer discount cupons etc. Shown below is one of the photos from the gallery of the South Pacific County Humane Society (visit the page and click on "photos" to view the complete gallery).

Photo Gallery ($4.00 / month for up to 3 photos) Each photo allows a short description of up to 3 lines. The dimensions and size of the photo are optimized to facilitate navigation.

Search Page Results

One of the strong points of the site is our local search. In addition to doing many types of advanced searches it shows all search results on a map which makes geographic selection easier (e.g. which restaurant is closest to where I want to be).

The search results are ordered by relevance which depends on the amount of information we have about each company. Adding information to the description of your company can increase its relevance in the related searches. This is very important for the savey advertiser who is no longer relegated to last place if his company name begins with "z" for example. Search results are directly related to the search being done. In addition, we also offer the option of search priority which enables a company to dramatically better its position for specific searches and many times place it at the top of the list of search results.

Slogan ($1.00 / month) One or two lines of additional information such as the company's slogan or a phrase explaining important aspects/benefits offered.
Colored background ($2.00 / month) This highlights the company even if it doesn't show at the top of the list of search results.
Mini logo / photo ($2.00 / month) A photo or logo of reduced size (50 x 50 pixels) which helps the visitor quickly identify your company.
Search Priority ($7.00/term/month) This enables selecting terms relevant to your company's activity which results in much better placement of your company in search results (many times in first place).

Marketing campaigns on the site are monthly with no obligation to renew. This makes it easy and economical to try new combinations of features to best identify the one that fits your marketing strategy best.

If you would like to add features to your company's listing, contact us and we'll do everything possible to optimize your campaign.