Free Listing

Every company listed on the site has its own detail page. The detail page contains valuable information the enables users to find the company, contact the company and obtain additional information online. Much of the information is compiled and updated without charge by our team as you can see below (mouse over the red letters to see a description of each field).

Tags. We use tags (keywords) to classify each company and branch. Tag number varies by company. The norm is to list the 5 to 10 most relevant for each company.
Map. The map on the detail page shows all company locations. The area shown on the map is the smallest possible that covers all locations shown.
Address. Various addresses can be listed in different locations and ZIP codes. This allows for more complex searches. Each address is Geocoded in order to show its map location.
Telephones / Fax Numbers. These numbers relate to a specific address. When a company has various addresses each address will have its telephones / fax numbers listed.
Email address
Link to site. Link to the company's primary site. When a user 'mouse overs' the link, a thumbnail view of the site's landing page is shown. This is a free feature via link exchange with the company.
Year founded
Company name

New listings

Our objective is to list all the companies on the peninsula. Many months of research were invested building our files which now include over 500 companies. We're counting on business owners whose companies are not listed to help us continue the job.

After your company is listed, it will immediately appear in local searches. Searches by name, address, tag, telephone, fax, map location, etc. can be done. Soon after, your company's detail page will be catalogued and indexed by search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.) and will begin to attract clientes directly via searches on these sites. An external search may point directly to the detail page or to a local search in which your company appears. The more relevant information each detail page contains, the more probable it will be that an external search will point directly to that detail page.

To obtain a free listing of your company or public service entity please contact us with your company's information (letters A through F above) and we will be happy to list your company.

If you are the company's owner (or work in a public service entity) which is already listed on the site, check out our featured options which will increase your company's visibility and win you more clients.